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The notebook notes show what students contributed to remembering about HOW to multiply one digit by up to four digit multiplication algorithms using an area model. I led this as a whole class discussion because I think that the feedback helps struggling students by watching their peers and then develops confidence when they can contribute.

Our discussion about place value and using expanded form was what I had hoped for. The notes taken are very short,but the conversation about each was rich. I love how the first note was stated!

"Don't lose sight of that!" Right out of the mouth of one of my students that I have been pounding that concept into! Prior to Common Core, this review would have been very different. The focus would have been on how you do it;that's it. Now you can see it is infused with reviewing understanding of place value, multiples of tens and understanding what the equation means.

I want them to be able to talk naturally about pulling apart numbers and understanding how they function in the equations forever as they move through their grade levels. This helps master the standards because Common Core is designed for this thinking and reasoning process.I see higher level thinkers already!

Take a look at our notes. Review for Quiz 1 & Greatest Product Game

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Getting Ready to Quiz: The Greatest Product Game

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 5 of 19

Objective: SWBAT explain multiplication using an area model in preparation for a quiz.

Big Idea: Students will formulate a list of what is important to remember for a quiz about area models and also practice these skills once more by playing the Greatest Product Game.

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, multiplication, area model
  50 minutes
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