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One of the best strategies that I have EVER learned is Bathroom Passes out, raise their hand and ask to go to the bathroom.  Students who do not use their passes receive bonus points on a quiz, test or homework of their choice. 

I find that most students hoard these passes as I don't give many extra credit assignments, and use them sparingly.  However, some students use them up within 2 weeks of the school year and then they cannot use the bathroom for the rest of the quarter.  If a student has an emergency, I let them leave the room for the nurse or bathroom but particularly in the beginning of the year, I am very strict about enforcing the rules for bathroom passes.  This policy really encourages students to stay in class and also helps to save me writing passes!

This example, Bathroom Passes, what my second quarter passes look like, I have not provided a document for you since I don't want my own students printing passes.  I would suggest making passes different for each quarter, this quarter has a cylinder while third quarter has a sphere on it. 

  Classroom Setup: Bathroom Passes
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Segments First

Unit 1: Introduction to Geometry: Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify and apply properties of line segments to problems.

Big Idea: Students will measure, measure, measure to discover properties of segments.

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