Reflection: Shared Expectations Introduction to Geometry: Points, Lines and Planes - Section 3: Finish Notes, Activity and Homework


In addition to the first night's homework assignment, I also ask students to review this brochure. This is important information since it provides an overview of my class, the class rules, how to contact me, and also my after school hours.  This information is vital to creating strong communcation with families.

Moreover, within the first month of school, I like to use the information that families list in the brochure to contact families.  Although it can be a time consuming process to contact each and every family member, especially since I do this via telephone, I find this reaps amazing and time saving results.  When families know that I am supporting their child from the very start of the school year, it makes it easier when I have to make tough phone calls home.  Moreover, I find that students know that the link between school and home is strong, hence, making behavior management problems fewer.  Also, a lot of new research has shown that the link between home and school provides more support for students and hence, can decrease drop-out rates. 

  Shared Expectations: Class Brochure
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Introduction to Geometry: Points, Lines and Planes

Unit 1: Introduction to Geometry: Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create models to show points, lines and planes.

Big Idea: Students will create models of points, lines and planes after defining these key words.

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Math, Geometry, 10th grade
  85 minutes
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