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Sometimes you will get a group of students who simply can’t handle this type of activity. I had such a class last year. Things spiraled out of control before we finished the very first side. In that case, I have them work as long as they are able to maintain some semblance of control and then bring the activity to a close. 

  When Things Get Out of Control...
  Adjustments to Practice: When Things Get Out of Control...
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Snowballs in August

Unit 3: Building a Classroom Community
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create the beginning of a fictional story by adding to their classmates' ideas.

Big Idea: Students write the beginning of a fictional story and toss it to another student who continues the story with his own ideas. The activity continues until a story is completed and used later during a fictional writing unit.

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English / Language Arts, Beginning of the Year, Getting to Know You, fictional stories, snowballs
  45 minutes
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