Reflection: Intervention and Extension RTI: Making Solving One Step Word Problems a Piece of Cake! - Section 4: Assignment: Multiplication Word Problems ( 1 Step)


I received their assignments and saw two different results. One student needs more support and the other is ready to move on as you can see in this video clip of their work. This process of teaching these two students was exhausting. The lower level students with lower language abilities really struggle. I am not giving them the word problem part of their multiplication test just yet. I will modify the test for now and revisit it before the year is over to make sure they master this standard. I cannot set them up for failure by testing them on multi-step problems yet. More RTI !

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RTI: Making Solving One Step Word Problems a Piece of Cake!

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 17 of 19

Objective: SWBAT master multiplication word problems by learning to unpack them and create solutions.

Big Idea: Students learn to take apart a multiplication word problem involving one step, and use an area model or expanded model to solve so they may eventually master multiple step word problems.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, word problems, RTI
  35 minutes
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