Reflection: Adjustments to Practice The Hand We Are Dealt - Section 2: Introducing A New Assignment


These are the 5 events we were selecting from today.

  • Forced to marry Logan
  • Nanny died
  • Leafy, Nanny got raped
  • Janie hit puberty and kissed Johnny Taylor
  • Janie thought she was white until she saw herself in a picture

When I looked at this list of events students suggested, I was in complete agreement with the first two they selected to include in the first two cards: Janie hit puberty and kissed Johnny Taylor, Janie was forced to marry Logan. Of the remaining three, I thought the one stating “Janie though she was white until she saw herself in the picture” was one that should have been eliminated because, though it is an important detail about the character, it is difficult to talk about it in terms of autonomy. When students suggested that we select that one and that we eliminate the one that says “Nanny died,” I had to readjust my role in this activity. Whereas I quickly accepted their reasons for selecting the first two, I began to challenge their selection of the last one by asking questions like the ones in this video. I end up giving them the option, but I now think that I needed to focus them more on the criteria I set for them and guided them to eliminate the last event on that list.  Students had a difficult time connecting this event to autonomy. For instance, a couple of students who selected this one as the event for card 3 wrote that the event had no consequences, which should indicate that it is not part of Janie's quest for autonomy. The other two events work much better for this assignment. 

  Adjustments to Practice: Preconceived Notions Challenged
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The Hand We Are Dealt

Unit 1: Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT examine the development of the main character's path towards autonomy by tracking significant events, risks, and consequences on a chart. SWBAT make arguments and challenge each other's conclusions through guided discussion.

Big Idea: Sometimes we are dealt a good hand and sometimes we are not. Still, there is always a chance of "winning the game" if you play it right.

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the hand we are dealt
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