Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Images of Humanism and Unit Introduction - Section 3: Figurative Language in Two Song Lyrics with Roses


This was a great way to start!  I was very excited to see that a high number of students enjoyed the songs (even though they are outdated) and that they focused on a number of important and interesting word choices in the songs.  It is always a little problematic to select popular music for students, as they can be somewhat finicky and attached to their own music and somewhat uninterested in other songs.  However, they listened attentively and offered some interesting observations. 

In specific, the first song captured the students' interest when it says, "Proving nature's law is wrong"  because these words suggested that the rose had a personality and that it is determined.  It's desire to "breathe fresh air" brings out this determination and also gives it a kind of purity of desire.  On the contrary, the students liked the line, "kiss from a rose on the gray," which starts out simple enough as it is a kiss from a rose, but  the "gray" part left us with a dreary landscape that is somewhat undefined.  I asked where they picture this song to take place and what the mood is as well.  Our discussion was active (SL.9-10.1) with lots of citing the songs. 

I did only play an excerpt of each, and I used youtube links that were easy enough to find. 

  After the First Day
  Intrinsic Motivation: After the First Day
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Images of Humanism and Unit Introduction

Unit 6: Literary: Analyzing Figurative Language in Fahrenheit 451
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify and explain by analyzing song lyrics how Bradbury develops images, symbols, and metaphors that depict dehuamanization versus a fully humanized life .

Big Idea: Images create powerful signs for us to consider meaningful living.

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English / Language Arts, humanism, language choice, connotation, denotation, figurative language, sensationalism, comparison paper
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humanity love respect by bradley wise on flicker shared through creative commons
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