Reflection: Rigor What's My Rule? : An introduction to function tables. - Section 3: Assignment


Here are some samples of my student's worksheet work on this Educreations Video. It shows  a sample of an excellent piece and then samples of the issues that I saw with some of my below grade-level achieving students. The IXL assignments were recorded online and showed that they did very well on H.1. H.2 was a little more challenging. I plan on assigning H.3 at some point for my advanced students.

  Differentiating and Keeping People Challenged
  Rigor: Differentiating and Keeping People Challenged
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What's My Rule? : An introduction to function tables.

Unit 4: Concepts of Multiplication
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT figure out the rule and solve a function table.

Big Idea: Students learn how to solve function tables and figure out the rule through two different games.

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Math, Patterns (Algebra), Number Sense and Operations, function rule, in and out charts, pattern, Games, Operations
  40 minutes
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