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When creating the booklet, I contemplated whether or not to make the outside border for the children to cut off.  Although it was not difficult for the children to do, it did take more class time. It was challenging for many of the students to put the pages in order, but I had another adult in the room so that made the project more manageable.  After their books were complete, I had the children choose a partner with whom to read.  I tried to pair the struggling readers with a buddy who is more proficient so that they could get the support in reading the book.  When everyone has completed their buddy reading, we do a choral reading of the story before putting the booklets in their mailboxes.


  Checks for Understanding: Creating the Booklet
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1,2,3 Peas

Unit 10: Making a Reading and Writing Connection
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read and write number words one through ten. Student Objective: I can read number words one through ten.

Big Idea: Vocabulary development is a fundamental goal for students in the early grades.

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