Reflection: Student Ownership Escaping the Giant Wave: Comparing and Contrasting Two or More Characters Continued - Section 3: Guided Practice


Scholars really became engrossed in this text today.  They did NOT want to stop reading!  My ELL co-teacher is currently doing WIDA testing, so I allowed scholars to vote if they wanted to continue to read in partnerships or go into small groups.  They unanimously voted to continue to read.  Usually I would not do this, but since my ELL co-teacher was not going to be in and they were truly experiencing the love of reading, I made an exception :) 

Allowing scholars to choose activities builds a sense of ownership in the class by giving some decision making power to them.  Also, it builds trust for the teacher in that the teacher trusts them enough to make a decision.  Again, I do not make a habit of voting on lesson components, but I do make this exception from time to time.

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Escaping the Giant Wave: Comparing and Contrasting Two or More Characters Continued

Unit 7: Nature's Fury - Part III
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT confirm predictions by comparing and contrasting the way in which characters respond to challenges in the text "Escaping the Giant Wave".

Big Idea: How do characters respond to a challenge? What does that reveal about their character?

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