Reflection: Checks for Understanding Attributes of 3D Shapes Part 2 - Section 2: Teaching the Lesson


Students were asked to count the various parts of the 3 shapes they had made. I assumed that remembering which part was which might be a bit confusing and was ready to provide support to the students for this process. We did the first shape together. We reviewed the terms. I felt that I had laid the groundwork in the past few days for identifying the attributes of different 3D shapes.

The part that I assumed would be easy was measuring an edge of each shape. Students had used rulers in the past and we had talked about how to find which side was inches and which was centimeters. We had also talked about always measuring from the end of the ruler (the zero point).  I was wrong that this was easy. When I watched several students record inches for centimeters, and one child measure from the 1 inch mark rather than the zero point, I realized that my expectations were not realistic. I had to stop the class for a moment and review measuring from the end of the ruler, and identifying the different sides of the ruler and what each one meant. I then went to the children who were struggling and helped them to see their mistakes and to correct them. I had to ask questions such as, "do you think that you measured in inches here and here if you found that one side was 3 inches and the one across from it was 9 inches. Do you think that makes sense? Should we check to see if those are both correct? I was trying to get students to reason abstractly and quantitatively about what they were doing. (MP2)

As a teacher I need to be ready to adapt to what my students need. I have to be able to read the signs that students are giving me and teach to those signs. 

I am constantly being reminded that my lesson plans are just that, plans. Plans are made to be changed. My goal is to meet the needs of my students so that the foundation in math I am setting is strong and my students feel successful with math.

  Did I assume this part was easy?
  Checks for Understanding: Did I assume this part was easy?
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Attributes of 3D Shapes Part 2

Unit 15: Geometry
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the attributes of 3D shapes and measure the edges in inches and centimeters.

Big Idea: Students should be able to relate the attributes of 3D shapes to those of 2D shapes.

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Math, Geometry, Measurement, 3D shapes, edges, faces, vertices, inches, centimeters, shapes, attributes
  55 minutes
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