Reflection: Who Am I? Reading Skills - Section 2: Application


This isn't a very big adjustment, but I wanted to mention that when I previewed the story, "Who Am I?" I looked for grade level, unique content, and appropriate for the task at hand.  What I didn't focus on was that there wasn't a name for the author nor was it stated whether male or female.  This became a distraction for the kids, and they focused more on that then the content until I got everyone's attention (to let them know I was aware) and told them to describe the author as they wanted according to the writing, and not to worry whether the author was a boy or girl. 

In the future, I will definitely put this information out front to avoid the distraction!

  A Confusing Part
  A Confusing Part
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Who Am I? Reading Skills

Unit 11: Inference Fiesta
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Objective: TSWBAT read skillfully and make logical inferences from the text as well as summarizing the key details.

Big Idea: Who Am I? I am a biography just waiting to be comprehended.

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