Reflection: Walden and Text Structure Practice, Day One - Section 2: Walden Read-Write-Share


Today's discussion walked the thin line of rigor and relevance, staying just on the side I wanted to see. While I was happy that students connected to the text and felt passionate about what it had to say, I also wanted to see them USING the text in their discussion--that's where rigor and relevance rest. Some students' comments lacked that connection. Normally, I would interject and push students back to the text, but today, other students went back to the text before I could. I rewarded this behavior by chiming in with praise, "I really like how you pulled the text into that response," thus encouraging rigorous text connections. After, more students pulled quotes from the text in their own connections, so I was able to see my strategy of positive reinforcement succeed.

  The Narrow Line of Rigor and Relevance
  The Narrow Line of Rigor and Relevance
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Walden and Text Structure Practice, Day One

Unit 4: Text Structure and Language Use in Informational Texts
Lesson 11 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to analyze and evaluate text structure while reading Thoreau's Walden.

Big Idea: Problem: a meaningless life. Solution: find yourself [in the woods]. Analyzing and evaluating text structure in Walden.

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English / Language Arts, nonfiction (analysis), Nonfiction Literature, Walden, text structure, analysis, evaluation
  45 minutes
walden problem
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