Reflection: Intervention and Extension Counting Collections - Section 4: Independent Practice


During this lesson, I had one student really struggling to count the puff balls once she had them in groups of 10. She didn't understand how to count by 10s and then switch to counting by 1s, which is often very difficult for early counters.

To support her, I pulled out a number chart and she placed all of the puff balls on it. After she had all the puff balls on the number chart, I asked her to count them. She counted the rows by 10s and then when she got to the single ones, she had the support of the number chart to help her see that she actually needed to say "51, 52" not "60, 70". This scaffold was really helpful for her and one that I will use with other struggling counters as we continue to practice counting.

I took a quick video of her explaining how she counted her puff balls using the number chart. Listen especially to when she explains why she didn't count by 10s! See video in the Independent Practice section!

  Connecting the Number Chart to a Quantity
  Intervention and Extension: Connecting the Number Chart to a Quantity
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Counting Collections

Unit 2: Count to 100 Every Day!
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use efficient counting strategies to count large quantities of objects up to 100.

Big Idea: This is a super fun lesson for letting kids get their hands busy, while also building crucial number sense! In this lesson, students share strategies for counting collections of objects.

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