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In order to do today's Jeopardy game, we used these white board as a way to engage all of my students and also allow me to have instant feedback on student knowledge.  Also, these boards were very cheap!  I went to Home Depot and asked to buy a large whiteboard then they cut the boards up into smaller like 2ft by 2ft squares.  I've had them for 4 years! 

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Parabolas and Review of Line-sanity!

Unit 2: Line-sanity!
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine the equation of a parabola given a focus and directrix and will also review key topics from line-sanity unit like, perpendicular and parallel lines.

Big Idea: Students will fold away to discover the relationship between a focus, directrix and parabola as well as play Jeopardy to review key topics in Line-sanity unit including alternate interior angles.

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