Reflection: Lesson Planning Three Dimensional Shapes - Section 3: Creating and Discussing Shapes


Sometimes what looks good on paper takes way longer (or shorter) in reality. I never got to discussing and comparing shapes. We were able to get 2 shapes cut, drawn and taped, but we had to stop there. Specialists want their classes on time so we had to set the shapes aside for another lesson.

It is ok to readjust the lesson, based on the needs of the students, or even based on time constraints. Rather than rush the lesson (I knew I had only 5 minutes left before specials), I let the students take a little extra time taping the last shape, and then I had them store the shapes on the shelf in the classroom so we could begin with them in a second part of the lesson tomorrow.


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Three Dimensional Shapes

Unit 15: Geometry
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT extend their understanding of attributes to include 3D shapes.

Big Idea: While 3 Dimensional shapes are not mentioned specifically in the Common Core, they do include the term face which is more appropriate for 3D shape attributes.

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Math, Geometry, edge, 3D shapes, vertices, faces, shapes, attributes
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