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When planning a lesson like this it is important to find the right book. One of the reasons I chose this book was because of the details that were appropriate for the age. I make sure to read the book or sections before hand. In the case of this book, I found a few words that I could omit or change when I read it aloud. I make sure to mark it so I don't forget. The other reason to read it before is to help develop more impacting and meaningful questions. 

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Charismatic Character and Other Traits

Unit 10: Story Elements
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT to answer questions and describe the protagonist or main character by using character traits to answer questions that relate specific character details.

Big Idea: Martin Luther King Jr. day is around the corner and this lesson centers around him and learning how to describe a character in more depth and with the use of character traits.

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