Reflection: Student Ownership SAS-sy Triangles - Section 3: Exploration #1 and SAS (MP8)


One technique that I teach my students is how to shade and mark up sides and angles in triangles and other shapes.  In this student work example, you can see that my student, Erica, has used jagged lines to make the two sides pop out and also shaded in the included angle.  Although I would love to use colors to help students visualize these sides and angle, I find that on exams (particularly standarized tests), my students do not and can not have access to markers or colored pencils.  Hence, we learn strategies like drawing jagged lines and shading in angles.

Furthermore, by teaching using this strategy, students are able to more clearly see how and why an angle is included.  This technique of shading will be also used in our next lesson to help students identify and determine the location of an included side. 

  Student Ownership: Shading and Marking up Figures
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SAS-sy Triangles

Unit 4: Tremendous Triangles
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to identify when and how to prove triangles congruent using SAS congruence theorem.

Big Idea: In this student-centered lesson, students will explore and explain why the SAS congruence theorem works to prove triangles congruent.

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