Reflection: Student Feedback Scale Matters II - Section 1: Intro/Review of Material


I asked students to explain their thinking and what they wanted the reader to know for improvement questions. I wanted them to expand more on their thinking. Sharing their ideas in writing is a difficult task for them as a group. The verbal expression has become their default and actually putting it in writing can be a struggle. I want them to write what they think so I was met with a lot of "I don't know" that we had to talk through. We will keep at it though.

  How do you help someone improve?
  Student Feedback: How do you help someone improve?
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Scale Matters II

Unit 6: Proportional Relationships
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to analyze responses to questions, critique those responses, and correct them.

Big Idea: Students will feel more comfortable with open ended questions in the hopes that they won't try to avoid them in the future.

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