Reflection: Advanced Students Epitaph Character Inferencing - Section 2: Epitaph Inferencing


For those advanced students in the class, this lesson is a good one to challenge their writing and thinking. These students could try and create their own animal epitaph. They could pick an animal and try twisting known facts or stereotypes into a play on words. The epitaph would not have to be very long, just give an accurate concept connection to the animal. 

  Creating An Epitaph
  Advanced Students: Creating An Epitaph
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Epitaph Character Inferencing

Unit 8: Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT infer about a character by reading epitaphs.

Big Idea: To infer is tricky and using fun poems and epitaphs can help students practice inferencing about a character.

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