Reflection: Unit Planning Writing to Convince our Audience - Section 1: Lesson Objective


My students struggled with writing their opening paragraphs today. They could write strong beginnings and attract their audiences with their next sentence, but that's where they got stuck. I must have reminded half the class to share the "who", "why", "what", "when" and "how" with their readers to give them the information they needed to understand the purpose for the written piece. Once I had good examples share - the light bulbs went off and they ended up surprising me with their quality of writing. Yeah!

I made a worksheet that I'm planning on using on the next lesson that might help your students with their first paragraph format.

In the video I address some ideas you can try to get them to write to the quality that is expected for this lesson - and that they are capable of with a little guidance.


  Unit Planning: Difficulties With Writing
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Writing to Convince our Audience

Unit 17: People Who Changed Our World
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...write a persuasive essay that supports reasons, debates opposition and defines objectives

Big Idea: Writing is a communication tool that influences readers. By writing with facts and supported opinions we can persuade readers to agree with our thesis statement.

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