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The first time the video played, nobody caught the "slip" by the narrator. I played it again and they didn't catch it. The third time I played it, I pointed out the slip and asked if it made a difference.  What is the difference between a pyramid and a prism? Does it matter? Are the terms interchangeable? We had a discussion about what the term is important and what each term looks like.

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3D Figures Unit Assessment

Unit 3: Geometric Measurement
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to complete an assessment based on unit learning goals of discovering 3D figures and recognizing the polygons formed when cross sections are created.

Big Idea: This lesson is awesome because it finishes the unit by assessing student understanding of 3D figures through videos and a written assessment

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Math, Geometry, 7th grade
  43 minutes
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