Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Understand Fractions - Section 2: Concept Development


As you can see in my reflection video, I feel like this lesson went very well. I had hoped to get a little bit further in my discussion with students about fractional relationships.  Any time students work with manipulatives, I have to allow for more time than I had anticipated.  Knowing that manipulatives are so powerful in helping students develop a deep conceptual understanding, I am content using large amounts of time to do this.  

I am a bit worried that students will lose their fraction strips, so I am contemplating changing some future lessons to use different models and tools. 

I was very pleased with some of my students prior knowledge and having students participate in the quick write was very helpful in knowing where I need to focus.  What I noticed most from their quick write is that my students don't seem to have a grasp that fractions are NUMBERS even though at times we use fractions to represent quantities!  I like the analogy of using a child's age like 10 1/2 to remind them that fractions are numbers BETWEEN whole numbers.  


  Fraction Fun
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Fraction Fun
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Understand Fractions

Unit 6: Fraction Equivalents and Ordering Fractions
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT recognize real world uses of fractions and understand the functions of numerator and denominator.

Big Idea: Students will use fraction strips and begin discovering fractional relationships.

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