Reflection: Checks for Understanding Three, Two, One, and Question... Assessment - Section 1: Creating Four Squares


I chose this type of assessment because we have been practicing creating notes using four squares from a folded piece of paper. I wanted the class to the follow directions and model we have been using for these notes. I also thought the text was a bit heavy and had too much for them to remember to take a more formal test.

I am going to allow them to use their book so that they create more in depth answers. I want them to really focus on what we have learned and not recalling information. I also wanted them to be able to look back in the book and find the answers. 

For students with special needs, an assessment that looks like an activity, seems less daunting. I have better luck when they feel they can use their books as a resource. 

  Choosing the Right Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Choosing the Right Assessment
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Three, Two, One, and Question... Assessment

Unit 12: Testing Strategy Lessons
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write about a specific group of people from a chapter in our history book to assess their learning from the chapter.

Big Idea: Instead of doing the same old end of chapter test, I had my students create a chart about one of the groups we learned about in our history book.

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