Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Introduction to 3D Figures - Section 1: Lesson Beginning


So every four-sided figure is not a square. We had to make distinctions between the different choices included in the question.  Depending on the perspective of the rhombus and the trapezoid, they were squares to my students. We had a rich discussion about different quadrilaterals. We will revisit the classifications again but it was a great start to the discussion.

  Every quadrilateral is not a square.
  Discourse and Questioning: Every quadrilateral is not a square.
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Introduction to 3D Figures

Unit 3: Geometric Measurement
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to explore and develop properties to define 3D figures.

Big Idea: This lesson is a wonderful opportunity for students to think critically about the components of 3D figures.

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Math, Geometry, 7th grade
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