Reflection: Classroom Setup You're a Seventh Grader! - Section 4: Getting Down to Business


The first day of seventh grade is a fun, stressful, and exciting day for your students.  They have new halls to navigate, new teachers to meet, and old friends to catch up with.

It may feel as though nothing worthwhile can take place on a day like this, especially if you have an assigned lesson plan (reading the dress code and absence policy anyone?). 

Even though your students will probably not remember what you say on the first day of school, they will remember how they felt in your classroom.  And this is the heart of an inclusive classroom community: creating a place where students feel safe enough to share their ideas aloud and in writing.  You can start to build this on the very first day.

Save the classroom rules and procedures for tomorrow (routines are an important part of your classroom too).  Today is about making students feel welcome and included.

  Isn't the first day for rules, procedures, and grading policies?
  Classroom Setup: Isn't the first day for rules, procedures, and grading policies?
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You're a Seventh Grader!

Unit 1: Starting Strong!
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Objective: SWBAT engage in a one-on-one discussion by introducing a classmate to the group.

Big Idea: Start building your classroom community on Day 1.

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