Reflection: Self-Talk U.S. Timelines with Register Receipt Paper - Section 3: Closure


The kids really threw themselves into this little project.  I think it had everything to do with freedom.  Often, we limit the students, without even thinking.  With this activity, they had numerous choices: Students to work with, selecting whatever time period they wanted to write, and creating a unique timeline without a specific template. 

Freedom to choose is a motivator.

  Teacher Reflection on Choice
  Self-Talk: Teacher Reflection on Choice
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U.S. Timelines with Register Receipt Paper

Unit 8: Structuring Informational Text
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: TSWBAT review the informational text in their social studies books in order to create a timeline with register receipt rolls.

Big Idea: Forget saving time in a bottle...I want to read and register it on a timeline!

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