Reflection: Routines and Procedures Organizing Information in Interactive Notebooks - Section 3: Modeling how to set-up notebooks


This is the second year that my students will use the interactive notebook to take notes, place handouts, and show how information taught is processed throughout the school year. Starting this process out with setting up the various sections of the notebook allows them to value the organization needed to make the interactive notebook work for them. Working from front to back, students will follow step-by-step instruction on how to set their notebooks up. Since Science teachers on my grade level also use the same set-up for their interactive notebooks, students have fewer questions about its functionality and purpose in the classroom. Even the process of modeling how to glue in documents allows students to use the glue appropriately and understand how to access information when information is printed on two sides of a handout. Students' reactions to the notebook vary from being easy to challenging. Yet, even the most disorganized student is forced to remain organized with the organization required to keeping these notebooks up.

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  Routines and Procedures: Interactive Notebook Reflection
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Organizing Information in Interactive Notebooks

Unit 1: First Week of School
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Objective: SWBAT set-up interactive notebooks while highlighting expectations on how information will be organized from left to right.

Big Idea: Simon Says, "Interact Your Thoughts In a Spiral Notebook"

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English / Language Arts, Grammar and Mechanics, expectations, organization
  45 minutes
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