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So, I have realized that writing can be critiqued for conventions and for creative quality.  I have decided that it is more important to develop the skill of being creative, sequential, and using the temporal words to create an original story.  Conventions take tons of practice and will eventually develop on their own through writers workshop. This is a one hour lesson and I am wanting students to create a product that is about their best day using the criteria on the rubric.  So, I looked at the topic sentence, temporal words, closing, and seven words in each sentence.  

The Proficient Student Work work is lacking conventions but, the student has a topic sentence, temporal words, a closing. Now, the closing is not seven words long, but he has a great story.  As we select pieces of work to edit in writers workshop I will talk to him about grammar. But, he created a very interesting story. I am pretty sure it didn't really happen, but is sounds good. Really, I would never question him or let him think I don't believe him.  It might suppress his creativity, and this little one is very creative.

Now, the Basic Student Work work is an example of how most first graders seem to want to copy the model, but if you can't write what else should you do, right.  So, this is the issue I face daily, and I even know why they do it.  I think in the future I need to emphasize the importance of creativity and inventive spelling. I will stress how we must be original and that I am there to help them with spelling.  I believe the students just want to do a good job and they really don't know how to write.  Lots of support will help them feel confident to break free and go for it. 

The Below Basic Student Work work is a huge success for this student.  It took twenty minutes to get that sentence, but it works.  It is just one sentence, and I wanted more.  Students' writing seems to develop at really different speeds in the first grade.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Student Work
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The Best Day Ever

Unit 4: Narrative Writing
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write an engaing personal narrative using temporal words.

Big Idea: Get up close and personal by learning about the great things that have happened in your students lives. Write about the best day ever!

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best day ever
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