Reflection: Accountability Recognizing and Correcting Run-On Sentences in Fly Swatter Grammar - Section 4: Closure


My students really enjoyed playing Fly Swatter Grammar.  I modified it from a game of Fly Swatter Math that my mentoring teacher showed me when I was student teaching to help students learn their multiplication facts.  It was very successful, and I will use it in other grammar lessons.

  My scholars loved playing this game!
  Accountability: My scholars loved playing this game!
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Recognizing and Correcting Run-On Sentences in Fly Swatter Grammar

Unit 4: Sentence Structure
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT evaluate sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate run-on sentences while playing Fly Swatter Grammar.

Big Idea: Students will listen to and evaluate sentences as complete or run-on and correct inappropriate run-on sentences by playing Fly Swatter Grammar.

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English / Language Arts, sentence structure, Writing, Grammar and Mechanics, run-on sentence, grammar, Fly Swatter grammar, game, BrainPop
  60 minutes
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