Reflection: Sootface & The Rough-Face Girl: A Comparison of Native American Cinderellas Day 3 of 5 - Section 5: Show What You Know! Sootface and The Rough-Face Girl Activities


The students did a great job completing their Venn diagrams.  I think it was helpful to have the checkboxes at the top of the Venn Diagram, to keep students focused on comparing and contrasting the retelling elements.  As students become better at this skill, the next step I need to take is having them translate the information on the Venn diagram into a paragraph where they compare and contrast the stories with linking words.  This lesson was completed the first week of school, for my tribe, so I was happy that they were able to record their ideas on the Venn Diagram.

  Venn Diagram Reflection
  Venn Diagram Reflection
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Sootface & The Rough-Face Girl: A Comparison of Native American Cinderellas Day 3 of 5

Unit 1: Generational Stories, Favorites that are Retold, and Native American Unit
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT recount a folktale including the genre, characters, setting, plot, problem/solution, and the central lesson. SWBAT compare and contrast two texts with similar characters, settings, plots, and themes.

Big Idea: Your tribe will continue to build their knowledge of Native American storytelling. They'll read Sootface: An Ojibwa Cinderella Story, and compare and contrast it to The Rough-Face Girl from yesterday.

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English / Language Arts, oral traditions, Literature, compare-and-contrast, Reading, setting (Creative Writing), grade 3, Grade, grade three, third, plot, characters, setting, story, Retell, storytelling, Genre, retelling, folktale, cinderella, recount, tribe, Native, recounting, Sootface, Ojibwa, American, San Souci, solution, problem, Chippewa, generational stories, generational, generational literature, Girl, Rough, Venn diagram, smart board, Essential Question, compare, contrast, Native American
  60 minutes
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