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Throughout my years of teaching, particularly ELL students, I have found that all students really benefit when I am more explicit about how and when to use specific math terms.  In today's class on rotations, I specifically practiced with the class how to state the image of a shape.  For example, in classnotes, we discussed that B' is said "B prime." This is new vocabularly, and also can be confusing, especially when we add on multiple transformations to a shape and hence, multiple primes.

This example shows that I asked students to write in quotations, how to say B'.  Furthermore, I find that actually practicing this out loud - asking students to pronounce challenging words or repeat these helps to build student knowledge and confidence of the subject matter.  By taking 1 minute to review this in today's lesson, I hopefully will avoid confusion for my students in the future!

  ELL Students: Incorporating Math Language
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Rocking Rotations

Unit 3: Transformers and Transformations
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify and draw rotations of polygons on the coordinate plane.

Big Idea: Students will use a hands-on approach to discovering how polygons are rotated in clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

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Math, Geometry, grade 10, smartboard, master teacher
  80 minutes
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