Reflection: Backwards Planning What's in a Name? Analyzing the Biblical Allusion in Chapter 40 - Section 3: Who is the convict?


There was an immediate response to day when students heard Magwich's name, which suggests to me that the arrangement of activities today was successful. They easily made the connection between the convict's "christened" name and to that of the brother, killed in an act of jealousy, without prompting. There was a natural stop in the reading, while the students discussed the connection. I then tried to extend the conversation to ask what he might be able to expect from Magwich's story line. There were many predictions, some of which were close to being right. I tried to give no clues as to where the plot was actually heading; instead, I just left the ideas out there for students to ponder. 

  They were "able" to understand Abel
  Backwards Planning: They were "able" to understand Abel
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What's in a Name? Analyzing the Biblical Allusion in Chapter 40

Unit 5: Great Expectations: Pulling Everything Together
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the representation of a subject in two different artistic mediums, including what is emphasized or absent in each treatment by comparing Abel Magwich to that of the Old Testament Abel.

Big Idea: Are the students "able" to undersatnd Abel?

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