Reflection: Real World Applications A Graph Party: Looking at different graphs and writing about them. - Section 2: Graph Party!


 Student samples: I asked them to go back and edit their work so that it was presentable enough to read aloud if we had time to share. Graph writing 1 shows good interpretation and thinking skills as well as explanation. It is short and not too detailed, but just enough to give the reader a clear understanding of the Tornado graph. This is what I was looking for!  Graph Writing 2 is a little less interpretive. This student wrote basic data. They will need to work on interpreting data for the next graph party.

In this short clip, I share a little more insight to this great activity. Commenting on MP5

  Real World Applications: Great Graph Exposure!
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A Graph Party: Looking at different graphs and writing about them.

Unit 3: Graphing and Data
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT show they can interpret data from a graph.

Big Idea: After students take a look at a variety of graphs, they write about it to communicate its meaning.

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Math, Data Analysis and Probability, Language Arts, Interpretting graphs, Interpret Data, Graphing
  45 minutes
graph image from math is fun
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