Reflection: Vocabulary Study for Rigorous Texts - Section 3: Did They Get It?


In every one of my classes (and I'm sure in yours as well) there are students on IEPs and 504s.  It is so important to balance the needs of these students with the needs of the general population.

In this particular lesson, I had two students who were off task.  I made a choice not to engage them while I was working with the entire class.  Once everyone seemed to understand the task at hand, I took a moment to converse with my ED (emotionally disturbed) student.  He gets frustrated easily and shuts down.  This lesson made him have one of these moments.

For him, I made the connection between the dictionary definition, the example, and the annotation on today's sheet (they are essentially the same).  He felt success when he was able to move his examples and shortened definitions to the sheet with the text.  Even though he did not finish, I was confident he understood the activity well enough to finish it in his resource study skills class.  I sent an email to the aide to let her know what he needed to do.

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Vocabulary Study for Rigorous Texts

Unit 6: Introduction to Mark Twain
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT read and comprehend literature with scaffolding by writing annotations to define difficult vocabulary.

Big Idea: This is where the rubber meets the road in vocabulary instruction.

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