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I provide many opportunities for group work in my classroom. I ensure that students have opportunities to discuss the problems at hand and learn from one another. I am very intentional about creating groups, although it may appear random. I ensure that students who are struggling or have difficulty in math are grouped with students of higher ability levels so that all students are able to develop meaning and understanding of the concept. Group has the potential to turn into 'play time' or time off-task, so it is important to set clear expectations for group work early and often.

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Characteristic 7.2: Variety of Learning Experiences


Various learning experiences are provided that are appropriate for the range of learners in the classroom (i.e., differentiation by content, process, and/or product).


Students engage in appropriate activities in terms of complexity and pacing for their current level of understanding and skill, but which challenge them to move forward.

Students are given opportunities to relate their personal and academic interests to their learning of mathematics.

Mathematics is presented to students in ways that are responsive to individual learning styles and ways of knowing.

Multiple representations are used to provide access to content for English Language

Learners (e.g., communication through movement, gestures, visuals, music).

  Benefits of Group Work
  Student Grouping: Benefits of Group Work
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What is a Set?

Unit 1: Crazy About Fractions
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use fractions to describe a set of objects.

Big Idea: Sets of objects are all around us and we can describe them using fractions

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Math, Critical Area
  45 minutes
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