Reflection: Student Communication Errors in Reasoning: Attacks - Section 2: Modeling and Exemplifying


I listened as students shared their ideas generated from their discussions in collaborative groups.  They were able to share their thoughts and clarify misconceptions within their group discussions. This abstract concept requires a group effort.  The final product is a result of group contributions The video clip of Student Presentation show some understanding of this concept, as students elaborated on their topic and cited examples.

  Student Communication: Brainstorming
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Errors in Reasoning: Attacks

Unit 16: Errors in Reasoning Examined
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write examples of opinions with errors in reasoning about a given topic.

Big Idea: Students use critical thinking skills to detect faulty logic in arguments. Non-examples help students learn, too!

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, errors in reasoing, faulty logic, attack
  60 minutes
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