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It’s helpful to have the packet projected while you are explaining how to complete the activity. As I explain each page, I post my own completed capsule on the SmartBoard for students to see. This not only lets them see what type of answers I’m expecting from them, but also allows them to learn a little about me. It’s a great way to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year!

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Remembering Yourself in this Moment

Unit 3: Building a Classroom Community
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT answer questions about how they see themselves at this moment in a beginning of the year time capsule.

Big Idea: Students work independently to answer questions about how they see themselves as learners, their academic strengths and weaknesses, and give information about what they enjoy.

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English / Language Arts, Getting to Know You, Time Capsule, Beginning of the Year
  45 minutes
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