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I normally would have student read and annotate an informational piece of text since it is a HUGE push by my district. However, students have complained about its use in the classroom so I took that reaction and developed another process that students could use to build their comprehension of informational text. While some of the levels in the tri-step strategy posed difficulty for many students, the substance provided in our classroom discussion showed its need in pushing students in relying on the text to understand complex topics and ideas. I would definitely do this lesson again and possible find more informational articles to incorporate in the classroom so more discussion can be held on the role the English and Native Americans played in expanding America in its early years.

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Using a Tri-Step Strategy to Build Comprehension in Historical Documents

Unit 6: Interdisciplinary Unit: Building ELA Skills Through Historical Documents
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Objective: SWBAT: determine the central idea of a text and analyze its development between individuals, ideas, and events of the Pre-Colonial Time Period.

Big Idea: English Settlers vs. Native Americas: Assumptions Proven Factual

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