Reflection: Checks for Understanding Practice Analyzing and Evaluating Text Structure - Section 3: Whole Class Discussion


In the past, I've let this activity run until 50% of my groups or more were finished with the race; unfortunately, this resulted in wasted time for my early finishers. Even though students may WANT to finish a competition, we have to remember the purpose of the activity.

Today, I wanted my students to practice analyzing for text structure so I could check their understanding. While this activity was fun and engaging and, yes, students wanted to finish, I had already gotten the information I needed: students struggled. They clearly needed to hear good examples (and of course, lots more practice) based on the types of errors I saw as I checked them in (for example, compare and contrast requires multiple topics, so a paragraph focused on one topic isn't logical). Had I continued to let them struggle, it would not have been time well spent. Instead, we came back together and discussed the structures used, a much more useful approach to the paragraphs than continually guessing in the competition.

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Practice Analyzing and Evaluating Text Structure

Unit 4: Text Structure and Language Use in Informational Texts
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze paragraphs for text structure by identifying related content and transition words.

Big Idea: Problem and solution? Cause and effect? Working with text structures.

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