Reflection: Students with Disabilities Escaping the Giant Wave: Comparing & Contrasting more than 1 character - Section 2: Teaching Strategy


I have a student who recently fractured his arm and another student with a 504 that enables him to receive the scribe accommodation.  As is such, I took a screenshot of this page and printed it today for them to use as notes.  They read along with us and glue the screenshot for notes from my Smart Board into their notebooks.  

  Students with Disabilities: More support for note taking
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Escaping the Giant Wave: Comparing & Contrasting more than 1 character

Unit 7: Nature's Fury - Part III
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze complex text by identifying personality and physical traits for three characters in the text "Escaping the Giant Wave".

Big Idea: How do we develop a deep understanding of characters?

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