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Many of my ELL students have a huge vocabulary and knowledge in their own language.  Using the real thing I able to bridge the gap between their language and English.  It is so fun to watch my students faces and hear their conversations when they realize that their moms or grandmothers use cabbage.  "I know that, my mom cooks that."  I love connecting what they know and showing them in English.  I often feel that I am not only connecting their knowledge with new knowledge, but I am connecting with them on a personal level.   

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: This is a . . .
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It's The Real Thing

Unit 13: Let's Read and Write
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Using real items from the story the SWBAT read using high frequency words and the new vocabulary in their weekly pre-decodable book, "The Salad"

Big Idea: Students will use all their senses to to learn the new vocabulary words in our weekly pre-decodable book, "The Salad"

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English / Language Arts, narrative, listening, storytelling
  30 minutes
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