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One of the challenges for some of my students was not having multiple number lines for reference as they recorded in their journal.  Some of my students could easily recreate the number line, and other students struggled with this since this is their introduction to fractions on a number line.  

Because of this struggle, I had the students work together with their group and students helpers provided assistance throughout the class.  If I had used multiple number lines, the students could have just copied each one, but their learning improved with support from their peers and by teaching their peers.  

Also, the "power" of using number lines is, in part, because they are accurate re-presentations of numbers and as such, are a powerful tool for students to use. In order to be "useful", students need to be able to create their own number lines.

  Multiple Number Lines
  Classroom Setup: Multiple Number Lines
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Fraction Counting

Unit 4: Fractions
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Objective: SWBAT count using fraction intervals using a number line.

Big Idea: Students develop their understanding of fractions through counting unit fractions on a number line.

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