Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Deciding Focus and Choosing Chapters (Day 3 of 15) - Section 4: Choosing Chapters


Sometimes it’s difficult for students to make that final choice. And I always seem to have at least a couple who can narrow their lists, but not finalize them. In years past, I’ve always worked with these students independently. However, this year I had more students than expected who seemed stuck. So I pulled all of them to work together at my front table. I had one student share his choices, explain why he liked them, and then explain why he was stuck. Then I asked the group to step in and help. What advice could you offer or questions could you ask that might lead him to making a choice? It took a while to get the conversation going, but once we did it worked really well. Students were challenged to dig deep into why they liked each topic and listed pros and cons of each until they were able to make their choices. This just further strengthened my belief that I am not the only expert in the room and sometimes the best “teaching” we do is when we step back and allow students to take control of their own learning.


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Deciding Focus and Choosing Chapters (Day 3 of 15)

Unit 7: Informational Writing Project
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT determine the four chapters of their informational writing project.

Big Idea: Students list all that they want to know about their chosen topic, narrow their ideas, and determine the four areas they will research for their project.

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