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I planned this lesson to be an assessment of student understanding of place value when moving to thousands. If a child has a clear understanding of place value, they will realize that a number in the hundreds has 3 digits and a number in the thousands has 4 digits. 

For many students, they know that a number in the hundreds has 3 digits, and that the number 1,000 has 4 digits, but when they move to a number such as 1,245 they want to write the number 1,000 and then 245 next to it to show 1,245. 

Students do not automatically extend their understanding of place value in the hundreds to place value in the thousands. 

By the end of the lesson I had recorded who understood the concept of place value as it extended beyond 999.

  Place Value Misconceptions
  Lesson Planning: Place Value Misconceptions
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Moving Into Thousands

Unit 6: Everything in Its Place
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify place value of numbers into the thousands.

Big Idea: To make sense of numbers in the thousands, 2nd grade students need practice identifying place value positions and using place value strategies in numbers to 1,000.

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