Reflection: Checks for Understanding Paired Text Self Assessment - Section 3: Independent Work


I am confident that most of my students know their capitalization rules and see this as a reminder - not an earth shattering lesson on the importance of capitalization.  Since I have "reminded" students of the significance of capitalization rules, I hope to see a change/ renewed focus with the next short answer task...we'll see. 

So, why use a Powerpoint instead of a handout.  There are two reasons for this choice.  One is that by using the powerpoint and loading it to Edmodo, it is always there for my students to refer to instead of handing them a page that those who need it most will lose within a few days.  The other reason is that the powerpoint requires them to write the rules and create a reference sheet themselves thus they interact with the rules at least a little.

If you follow me you know that I love the quick response both my students and I get from an Edmodo quiz.  Doing this review as an Edmodo quiz allows me to see quickly where major misunderstandings are -perfect for mini-lesson ideas or bellringers. While this type of multiple choice task is not always at the level of rigor that we shoot for, I do not want to belabor this by using long drawn out assessment. The reality is that I have over 100 students and both my students and I will benefit from immediate feedback -not an assignment that takes me days to grade.

Overall, I like this because I do not want to devote days to it when it isn't necessary. It also allows my students to see their own individual mistakes quickly which frankly I hope they can correct themselves as it is capitalization after all.

  Why Capitalization Practice?
  Checks for Understanding: Why Capitalization Practice?
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Paired Text Self Assessment

Unit 7: Informational Text - Persevering through the Adversity of our World Part 2
Lesson 4 of 15

Objective: SWBAT assess their own work with the scoring criteria.

Big Idea: I'm grading my own work?

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