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When students are learning new content and then writing about it, sometimes they are more focused on getting the information in, rather than writing skillfully. After reviewing students revised predictions, I found that many of them can benefit from a lesson on "in the moment" editing. Often, students work throught the writing process over the course of days or weeks. Rarely do they revise or edit if the assignment will be turned in the same day. For example, a typical student wrote “Plants that can’t cope with a lot of acid would kill them” as part of their prediction. I asked that student what he meant by that and he immediately and quickly clarified that he meant, “Some plants are stronger than others and that weaker plants would die if there was a lot of acid in the ecosystem where they grow”. I asked him why he didn’t write that and he said that he just didn’t think about it at the time. This shows me that if students could remember to ask themselves the same sorts of clarifying questions that I ask, they will be able to write clearer by revising and editing before turning in an assignment, even if they are turning it in on the same day.

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Predictions, Again!

Unit 5: ELA Through Environmental Science
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write science predictions that include scientific reasoning and background knowledge.

Big Idea: Scientists don't just guess when they write a prediction, they use what they know and have learned to make an educated and well-informed prediction.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Comprehension (Reading), 4th grade, prediction, diagramming, diagram, environment
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