Reflection: Student Ownership Medieval Speech Contest: The General Prologue Continues (Day 2 of 3) - Section 4: Revisiting SOAPSTone


At times I worry that students get confused about what really matters in terms of their learning. My goal is to offer students tools that assist their learning, but the tool is only good if students see it as a tool and not as what's most important. 

I went to school before graphic organizers, before templates. But students are accustomed to these tools, and we need to work to help students use them well and move away from them. I like SOAPSTone, but it's only a tool. It's not the text I want students to understand and value. If the tool doesn't work, let students use a different one or none at all, as long as they can demonstrate their learning in some tangible way. 

  A Tool is Only a Tool
  Student Ownership: A Tool is Only a Tool
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Medieval Speech Contest: The General Prologue Continues (Day 2 of 3)

Unit 7: Take a Little Trip: The Middle Ages and Chaucer
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze the pilgrims' virtuous and unvirtuous character traits using the list of virtues from "The Virtues Project"

Big Idea: The Virtues Project identifies positive traits relevant to Chaucer's Pilgrims and high school students.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Fictional Literature, satire, The Borowitz Report, Canterbury Tales, The General Prologue, The Virtues Project
  50 minutes
canterbury tales
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