Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Examining Facades & Misinformation with Realist Poetry - Section 5: Closing


Our final task of today really drove home one of the biggest themes I see in the Common Core Standards, which is to put more responsibility on students to take an active part in the learning process like choosing genuine topics for research and leading inquiry and discussion.  I feel like a big part of my job under the Common Core is to excite students about learning, while giving them the tools to independently do so in the years to come.  This final project speaks to that intention by letting students pick the extended reading dealing with their own interests.  Both assignments require them to relate their article back to today's lesson, so the skills I'm tracking are practiced and can be assessed with either article.  Giving students choices in instruction wherever possible has improved the learning atmosphere in my classroom, and I'm more hopeful than ever that the empowerment they've experienced from getting to make their own decisions can continue to cultivate learners that WANT to be in school and are passionate about their education.

  Choose-Your-Own-Path Learning Consistent with Common Core Goals
  Student Led Inquiry: Choose-Your-Own-Path Learning Consistent with Common Core Goals
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Examining Facades & Misinformation with Realist Poetry

Unit 5: Life is Hard. That's Realism & Naturalism!
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT evaluate the author's purpose and language choices to examine similar themes of deception in three Realist poems through small and whole-group collaborative analysis.

Big Idea: What do you get when you put together truth, deception, Realist poetry, and high school students? One heck of an evidence-based discussion.

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autumn forest by oakmyth
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