Reflection: "A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar - Section 2: Guided Independent Practice - Round 1 of the Discussion


As mentioned, the inclusion of the "Bright Ideas" poster to this process was the result of some great discussion and brainstorming among my peers in a lesson study we participated in together. We found that the outside circle was often struggling to remain engaged in the discussion (at best). If their partner was talking at the time, they were likely to be paying close attention, but if not, they were likely disengaged from the conversation being had. When we introduced the "Bright Ideas" poster, we found a way for the outside circle of students to participate by making notes on great statements, things they agreed or disagreed with, evidence from the text that no one used, great evidence that was used, and more. The students were asked to initial any comments they make, for easy tracking. 

The unanticipated benefit was that it also provided another form of support when the partners met in between to discuss. The coach could point to a specific comment or idea as support for an idea or piece of feedback, which turned out to be rather helpful. 

  "Bright Ideas"
  "Bright Ideas"
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"A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar

Unit 1: Argument Writing
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: Students will use their analysis of the story and their own research about time travel and the butterfly effect to have an effective discussion.

Big Idea: So What You're Saying is...

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